Quality is core to our processing. Our factory has a team of 6 dedicated quality staff. These team members are each assigned to a specific quality control point within the operation. Sampling and analysis is undertaken throughout all stages of processing, with management constantly updated.

We also take absolutely no risks when it comes to food safety, adhering to strict testing protocols and procedures. We are proudly GlobalG.A.P. (EurepGAP) and HACCP certified. This ensures complete food safety and traceability through all stages of processing.

Our processing facility is 100% free from peanut traces.All batches of macadamias processed are microbiologically tested in accordance with our HACCP approved program. Each batch sold is accompanied by its relevant micro-analysis and quality certificates.The macadamia nut in shell (NIS) we offer is sourced from only GlobalG.A.P. (EurepGAP) accredited farms, or those able to prove transition.Should you require more information or our full product specifications, please email our Quality Control Department directly on quality@ivorymacs.co.za.


The globally recognised certifications we proudly hold: